@ IDR 65,000

(Ketersediaan Stock-cek terlebih dahulu)

IDR 500,000/seri lengkap (by PO)

598579_223408737780562_2144878305_nSize: 23 cm x 27 cm x 3 cm
Number of pages: 12 pages
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover
Produced by: Fernleigh Books
Reading Level: Ages 3-9

Judul Yang Tersedia :

1. Dinosours. It is all about the world of the dinosours.603346_292082230913212_965249864_n2. Rainforest. It is all about the rainforest.65070_292082297579872_1261254291_n3. Cinderella. The story of Cinderella retold with three-dimensional pictures. You’ll be swept away by her story and want to look at the beautiful three-dimensional pictures time and again.14479_292082127579889_1126263505_n4. SnowWhite. Once there was a lovely girl named Snow White…and she seems more alive than ever before inside these dimensional panoramas. The gorgeous palace, the cozy cottage where the Seven Dwarfs live, even the animals in the forest, have an unmatched depth that makes the story extra-pleasurable for children.380281_292082397579862_1550808364_n5. Goldilocks. A really fun version of the childhood favorite. When Goldilocks steps into the Three Bears’ home, the scene is so realistic that youngsters will think they’ve entered right along with her! The table with the porridge, the little chair the curious girl breaks, and the bed that’s “just right” are all thoroughly entrancing.380644_292082587579843_1859444846_n6. Three Little Pigs. Cut-out ladders, windowpanes, overhanging trees, and a trio of little piggies building their three homes: and it’s all on the same page. What a feeling of depth; each vignette seems to have as much action as a movie. Has watching the Wolf get his comeuppance ever been so much fun?382090_292082494246519_494587523_n

Hayuda (Ayu) ‘syamsimom’

0853-20472407 (SMS), 0812-98822501 (WA), 2931EE11 (BB)
Order Time : 09.00-21.00
Delivery via JNE : Every Friday




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